POLO+10 goes Mongolia!

polo-mongoliaDate: 20-30 August 2016. Airport: ULN (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
Endless width characterises the homeland of the immortal legend Genghis Khan. Here in Mongolia, the sport of polo comes close to its roots. Exotic and unforgettable impressions in the heart of Asia – this is the next adventure POLO+10 is heading for.

The POLO+10 Team has the honour to be invited and great pleasure to attend the International Genghis Khan Polo Cup in Mongolia from 22-29 August 2016.

The invitation tournament welcomes polo teams from Korea, China, Indonesia as well as Mongolia. International renowned Magazines have covered the immense efforts of the Genghis Khan Polo and Riding Club in the past. The club was established in 1996 in order to revive the sport of polo in Mongolia. POLO+10 as the biggest polo magazine in the world is invited to attend this unique event in Mongolia and joins the tournament with an own polo team.

• 19-20-21 August: Arrival of the polo teams in Ulanbaatar
• 21 August: Driving to the Genghis Khan Polo Club in the morning
• 22-24 August: Meeting the other players, getting familiar with horses and landscape, offer of additional sport activities
• 25-27 August: Polo tournament
• 27 August: Big Party
• 28-29-30 August: Departure to the Airport ULN (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

Recommended is a minimum stay from 22-29 August 2016.

Dear polo friends, the POLO+10 team is thrilled to get in touch with these new horizons of the sport of polo. We are looking forward to experience one of the most impressive, unspoiled and original countries in the world. As we have one additional space for a player (plus spouse as companion) for this event please get in touch directly with Thomas Wirth (CEO) at thomas@poloplus10.com

The Genghis Khan Polo and Riding Club was established in 1996 in order to revive the sport of polo in Mongolia and provide training and support for a young generation of Mongol riders who have extraordinary equestrian skills. Polo was a training method of the Mongol cavalry in the Middle Ages but then was forgotten. Every year the club hosts a summer camp at its home on Mongke Tengri hill in Mongolia’s Orkhon National Park. The camp has one exhibition field and three polo training fields with eighty polo and riding horses available for guests and endless riding possibilities into all directions, no fences. The last best riding country.

”Saddle up and ride in some of the most unspoilt, rugged and breath-taking landscapes on Earth. Open trail for an unforgettable polo and riding camp in the untamed frontiers of the Mongolian steppes.”

The POLO+10 World Tour
takes its participants to the most beautiful and exotic polo destinations of the world. In collaboration with the most prestigious polo clubs, POLO+10 is organising this exclusive tournament series around the globe. The whole idea is as simple as it is charming: The players register for the tour and book their flights – POLO+10 organises everything else.

Due to close collaboration with various clubs and the international polo scene, POLO+10 gets opportunities to participate with its own polo team at selected polo tournaments all around the world. Whether low-, medium- or high-goal-events, POLO+10 opens for our members new dimensions of being part of great polo experiences. We keep you informed on www.poloplus10.com

POLO+10 goes Mongolia!

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