jesse-bray-with-logofi.pressPopupSanta Barbara Polo Club will play the 2016 Pope Challenge 12-goal tournament this Friday, May 20. Santa Barbara Polo Club offers a little something for everyone. With 87 acres of manicured fields including 3 playing fields, stick and ball field, an arena, an exercise pen, stabling for 360 horses and two Clubhouses. Please visit their website for more information.

Antelope (11)

Geoff Palmer A
Felipe Vercellino 5
Santiago Trotz 5
Jim Wright 1
FMB (12)

Charlie Walker A
Felipe Viana 5
Luis Escobar 5
Henry Walker 2
Highwood (12)

Danny Walker 2
Mariano Fassetta 5
Marcelo Abbiati 5
Ron Mathison A
Klentner Ranch (11)

Jake Klentner A
Martin Donovan 5
Jesse Bray 5
Justin Klentner 1
Twin Palms (12)

Chris Maloney 1
Remy Mueller 3
Santiago Wulff 5
Graham Bray 3


Friday May 20
5:00pm ET – Highwood vs Twin Palms
7:00pm ET – Antelope vs FMB
Bye Klentner Ranch

Sunday May 22
3:00pm ET – Klentner Ranch vs Twin Palms 6:00pm ET – Highwood vs FMB
Bye Antelope

Wednesday May 25
5:00pm ET – Antelope vs Twin Palms
7:00pm ET – Klentner Ranch vs FMB
Bye Highwood

One man/ team penalty shootout tiebreaker (if needed) after 7:00pm ET game. In the event that a tiebreaker is needed between teams that are all qualified for the semifinals, a tie for placement between qualified tied teams may be broken by coin flip if tied teams agree.

Friday May 27
5:00pm ET – Semifinal: #1 vs #4
7:00pm ET – Semifinal: #2 vs #3

Sunday May 29
3:00pm ET – Consolation
6:00pm ET – Final


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