The third edition of the Lovelocks Polo Stud Cup kicked off on Thursday at El Remanso, in Lobos, Buenos Aires. Two games were played on the opening matchday. A total of 8 12-goal teams are taking part on the tournament, whose final is scheduled for Saturday, December 17th.

Purity Vodka 9 vs 7 La Alegria

It was the first match of the day, the one that kicked off the tournament. A challenge between a team from Cañuelas (Purity Vodka) and a team from Lobos (La Alegría). The win went to Purity Vodka by 9-7, who had a very good combination on Facundo Castagnola and Pelayo Berazadi, who were very well accompanied by Helen Fuchs and Tomás Galliardi.

Bien Mirada 10 vs 5 El Carmen

The second game of the matchday had some very attractive and open polo. Victory went to La Bien Mirada, after they beat a very traditional team from the Lobos area: El Carmen. Final score was 10-5, with a winning team scoring a big difference in the last chukker.

The Lovelocks Polo Stud Cup will resume its activity next Saturday with the following order of play:
-10am: Puesto Viejo vs El Carmen.

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