allasiacup2016-79-2016-1-73GThe activity of Group A came to and end today after two matches of the All Asia Cup at VR Sports Club in Bangkok, Thailand.

In the first game, Mongolia faced South Korea, both were looking for their first victory in the tournament. The mongol team was very confident after their first games despite of the young age of their players, nevertheless their evolution has been very highlighted by the attendees of the event. Corea didn’t get to stop them in any of the four chukkers, and was defeated 12-1.5.

The second game on main field, received the two favourities of this League: Thailand and Malaysian Tigers battle it out in front of a big and friendly audience. But the local team showed a clear coordination between their players and managed to stop the star of the malayan team Saladin Mazlan, to end up winning 8.5-4.

There will be no activity on Friday. The games will resume on Saturday with the start up of the Group B as follows:

4:30 PM: Philippines vs Indonesia
5:30 PM: Brunei Polo Team vs China

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