downloadIt was not the nicest Mothers Day weather wise but it was not hot and it was not raining and the games were good the crowd was terrible for 1 st game but a decent showing for the late game . With 5 teams in the 12 goal it was there second round for 3 and it was in game one Farmers and Merchants going to 1 and 1 as they lost a thriller to Antelope which stayed close but not real tough until the final chukkar with Henry W just missing a tying goal at the horn . The second game was now me and then no me as Klentner Ranch got out fast but Twin Palms replied immediately and it went that way for a while when Silent Chris kicked into gear and set sail but it was never more than 3 and then here comes the Klentner Klan and they had a real chance to tie it up but it was close but no potatoes and they fall to 0 and 2 as Twin Palms moves to 1 and 0 . Antelope is at 2 and 0 and Highwood is 0 and 1 F and M goes to 1 and 1 action resumes Friday . The games at SB on Sunday have been changed to 12 and 3 pm so it is bit different and early game at noon is on field 3 and they are no longer doing Brunch I was told but do have plenty of food at the Grill . Will Rogers also started up this weekend but had a problem seldom seen in Ca. for 3 years the field was wet and had to cancel Sat. Polo and be very contained on Sunday . I think this is a short term problem as the Sun will shine soon and then they will have 25 chukkars ever weekend on 1 field but they will be happy . The Queens Cup starts Tuesday with a big time going for the next 8 weeks at full blast with the 22 goal season and maybe the toughest completion in the World it may not be the highest Handicap but it is so tough ever year and rain or Sun you play ever game . I am not sure they have ever cancelled a 22 goal game I seen the Gold Cup finals with standing water on the field and still raining and yes they were still Playing . More bad but could always be worse BUD DARDI is in the hospital but made it through the tough times and is recoup stage he had a gut blowout but as usual this man is TOUGH and he is recovering best of luck to Bud get out here to SB. I know Bud is tough back in the 80’s we were playing with Jack Oxley and had not lost a game in the 12 goal season and Bud took A Mike Connat back shot in the jaw and broke it he could not play Friday and we lost because they were wiring it up but Sunday he said he was ready for the finals , and I was not sure what he was on for pain he could not talk but we won and it was because of him . I know he is not happy he was due to ride in the Rancheros this week and would have been the oldest rider there I think . Get well Bud and Stevie O who is also a tough guy I am not sure why but it was told to me he got hurt riding a 2 year and well he is 68 years or so older and Andy Busch said he was riding 10 everyday, Stevie you ar CRAZY. But do get well and buy a got damn Golf Cart.
see ya


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