By Alejandra Ocampo

Las Cañuelas (who received 2.5 goals on handicap), featuring brothers Bartolito and Camilo Castagnola, beat St. Catherine’s Moorlands A 6.5 goals to 6 to claim the Santa Paula Cup, the renowned interscholastic tournament established in 1951.

The match played on Palermo’s number two ground was a hard fought contest, with many fouls leading to penalty shots; only four goals were scored from the field. Moorlands, led by Manuel Calafell, got off to a stronger start and levelled the score in the fourth chukker.

Bartolito Castagnola was the main man for Las Cañuelas, scoring all of his team’s goals. He sealed the win after scoring a great goal from a quick run with less than a minute remaining.

Subsidiary Zeus Cup

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