sapoBy Alejandra Ocampo

Guillermo Caset, known as “;Sapo”, opened the new PoloLine section talking about what he loves best: horses. Before his departure to his next destination, Deauville, Sapo took the time to talk about his preferences when it comes to horses.

Can you describe you ideal polo horse?
My ideal polo horse is one that has an easy temperament, a good mouth, potency, is strong and fast. They need to be the right size, not too tall or too short, but wide and with good musculature. My ideal height is for a 52 stick.

What do you think is the most important characteristic a polo horse should have?
A good mouth.

What is your ideal number of horses for a string?
For the UK and the US, where you play six chukka matches, twelve horses is ideal. In Argentina, playing eight chukkas, you would need fourteen horses. Two more to be comfortable.

On average, how many new horses should you have coming into your string each season?
I would say an average of four, so as to go changing the string. I think four is the ideal number everywhere. Perhaps a couple more would be needed in Argentina because we play more chukkas, but four is fine.

What is the most important stage in the training of a polo horse?
The whole process is important, from the moment of birth to the point where they are broken in, worked by the trainer and then stick and balled. It is a very difficult and important process and it usually takes six years before they are ready to be played well. You need to give them time. I would not say there was one particular phase of the training period which is more important than another; they are all crucial.

Which is or has been your favourite horse and why?
The best mare I have is Loli, which is strange because she might not have the best characteristics. She is a thoroughbred mare that I have in Argentina. I might have played better mares, but Loli is one that always goes well for me. She is never heavy or tired. I bought her young and she has always been the same; she has never let me down and she has never been injured. There are few mares like that. I also have one in England, called La Noche, which has always gone well for me, just like Loli. They are the ones I like most. Then there are days where a particular mare stands out. But Loli and La Noche are an eight or nine out of ten every day. And when they go well they are ten out of ten. I’ve had them both for a while and they have never let me down.

Which is the best polo horse you have seen play and why?
The best horse I have seen is Dolfina Cuartetera. Cambiaso and Cuartetera are an incredible duo. The mare was amazing and he made her look even better.

Is there any horse you saw play that you would like to try?
I see horses everyday, in every game, and there are many I would like to try. I always say that I would love to play Gonzalito’s horses. I think he is always very well mounted, wherever he is.

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