arena-picfi.pressPopupWell, the summer is upon us and this is the second Arena Committee newsletter. Again, on behalf of the Arena Committee of the United States Polo Association, thank you for being an Arena Club!

Some updates since the last newsletter… first, I would like to congratulate Bobby Ceparano, of Country Farms, on winning the 2016 “Russ Sheldon Award for Excellence” in Arena Polo. He received the award at the annual Board of Governors meeting in Wellington in April. Bobby has been a tireless promoter of our sport. He has hosted the US Arena Open for the last 4 years, and last year hosted the National Sherman, both at his beautiful arena in Medford, Long Island.

This year, we are striving to have every National Arena Tournament played for! Currently, we need a home for the National Arena Chairman’s Cup at 9-12 goals and the USPA Arena Challenge Cup finals. The Arena Masters series was renamed the Arena Challenge Cup by the Tournament Committee in April. The final is open to anyone playing in a qualifying match. The club hosting the final should make the teams based on the goal levels of the players available. Ideally, the club hosting the players should have rental horses to accommodate people traveling to the event.

The Arena Committee is also happy to announce that the International Committee has awarded the 2017 Townsend Cup to Being the Change to be played in the Equidome at Westworld in Scottsdale AZ on Martin Luther King day weekend. The Townsend Cup will be the signature event in three days of Arena polo. The Intercollegiate All Star game, between the USPA and the United Kingdom (SUPA), will also be played, as well as a US v UK military match, and several other tournaments at the 3-6 goal level. This event will be part of the Barret-Jackson car auction and we anticipate 4-5,000 fans in the Equidome to watch Arena polo!

See other updates and programs and play more and better Arena polo across our Association.

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