The Thai Polo Cup Argentina had a very intense matchday on Sunday where 7 matches were played on a sunny and hot journey. With only one game to complete the group stage, the semis of the 4 cups, which will start on Tuesday, are almost set. Also, Tuesday will host a very special Charity Event, where the 4 players of La Dolfina will participate on the event “Polo por la vida”.

The scores on Sunday were as follows:
Cibao La Pampa 8 vs Mumbai 7
La Bien Mirada 7 vs Power Infrastructure 7
Los Cocos 8 vs Las Codornices 7
Power Horse 9 vs Amanara 6
El Pegual Cabreuva 5 vs Amadeus 10
La Ensenada 10 vs Tigres Invernada 13
Sealink 6 vs Los Nocheros 8

Monday’s Games:
5pm, Field 1: Thai Polo vs Sonny Hill

Semifinals, Tuesday:
Minuto 7 Cup:
10am: TBA vs Sealink
10am: El Pegual Cabreuva vs Mumbai

Localiza Cup:
10am: Amadeus vs Cibao La Pampa
10am: Amanara vs TBA

La Martina Cup:
12:30pm: Power Infrastructure vs La Ensenada
12:30pm: Las Codornices vs TBA

3pm, Field 2: POLO POR LA VIDA “La Dolfina”

Thai Polo Cup:
5pm, Field 2: La Bien Mirada vs Tigres Invernada
5pm, Field 1: Los Cocos vs TBA

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