The last qualifying matchday for the Torneo de Polo Victor Jose Vargas Santaella took place on Saturday at the Caracas Polo, in Tucacas, Venezuela. Three games were played and the semifinalists were defined. Both matches will be played next Friday.

Scores were the following:
Sebucan 10 vs 9 Los Samanes I
Rancho temprano 7 vs 5 El Campito
Caracas Polo 9 vs 5 Los Samanes II

Activity at the Caracas Polo will resume on Wednesday with a 26-goal exhibition. Players and teams are yet to be confirmed.
On the other hand, the order of play for Friday’s semifinals will be as follows:
-12pm, Semifinal 1: Las Águilas vs Los Samanes II
-2pm: Los Samanes I vs Sebucan
-4pm, Semifinal 2: Caracas Polo vs Rancho Temprano

Final is scheduled to be played on Saturday, October 15th.

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