Tuesday will be a very special day for Thai Polo Cup Argentina, since the semifinals of all four tournaments will be played: Minuto 7, Localiza, La Martina and the principal Thai Polo Cup.

Monday game between Thai Polo and Sonny Hill resulted in a 9-7 win for the locals. That win put Thai Polo in the semifinals of the Localiza Cup. After the match, there was a penalty shootout to set up the draw of the semifinals.

The charity event, “Polo x La Vida 2016” was postponed and will now be played on Thursday.

Order of play for the semifinals on Tuesday:
Minuto 7 Cup:
10am, Field 4: El Pegual Cabreuva vs Mumbai
5pm, Field 4: Sonny Hill vs Sealink

Localiza Cup:
10am, Field 1: Amadeus vs Cibao La Pampa
10am, Field 3: Amanara vs Thai Polo

La Martina Cup:
12:30pm, Field 3: Power Infrastructure vs La Ensenada
12:30pm, Field 4: Las Codornices vs Los Nocheros

Thai Polo Cup:
5pm, Field 3: La Bien Mirada vs Tigres Invernada
5pm, Field 2: Los Cocos vs Power Horse
Photo Galleries:
Thai Polo vs Sonny Hill

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