pope1Lots of Polo around the Northern Hemisphere as The US,UK and Spain and France are all underway with Summer seasons . The UK has the best Polo right now as the Queens Cup is the 22 goal and features 5 Ten goal players as of now 4 of them are undefeated but in the next couple of hours there will only be three as Cambiaso and Dubai Take on Lyndon Lea’s Zacara and Pablo Macdonough , should be a heck of a game . Lyndon has probably had more luck against AC than any Patrons over last 5 years . King Power with 2 Pieres brothers at 10 will play Sat.
On this side of the pond it is Grand Champions in there final weekend and Houston in there next to last . NY and Greenwich about to fire up and Aiken moving along . Santa Barbara into the final weekend of there second 12 goal finds big action today as Mr Palmer’s top rated Antelope Take on Klentner Ranch which sends a bunch of young guns to the field Jake Klentner,Jessie Bray and Martin Donovan have the Chief JK but there task is a tough one dealing with Antlopes young guns Jimmy Wright and Felipe the Chilean speedster that all happens at 2 PM. At 4 PM it is an older crowd Ron Mathison and High Wood featuring Dan Walker along With Mr Speed Fassetta and Abiatti taking on Silent Chris and Twin Palms with Graham Bray one young gun Remy Muller and Mr Wolfe. Should be good ones.
Looking for a new fix for a horse without energy and just not up to par we may have a fix and it is ALL NATURAL AND LEGAL AS WELL ((EQUIPULMIN)) IT IS MUCH CHEAPER than Ventipulmin which is now not legal on the field and much better for the horse it comes in gallon jugs and is easy to give . Let us know if you have a horse who needs some extra help . Look it up on Google it WORKS. Have a great Memorial Weekend GO TO POLO
see ya

Steve Crowder


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