Sevilla 50:50 Cup: Polo unites!

sevilla-50-50-cup-polo-club-la-mata-del-herradorThe Sevilla 50:50 Cup, held at the past weekend at the Polo Club La Mata del Herrador in Andalusia, united male and female polo players from many different countries in exciting chukkas. The three international teams, consisting of two men and two women each, competed on two match days against each other.

Team Buena Vista, including Juan Álvarez, Paco Siles, Leticia Álvarez and Katriona Shirevs, became clear winner of the tournament by winning all of its four matches. Team La Mata with Antonio Gallego, Pepe Carrasco, Francesca Smith and Melanie Imnik was placed second and third place went to team POLO+10, consisting of Ramón Beca, Thomas Wirth, Clare Macnamara and Laura Elliot. The umpires Luis Benjumea and Marcos Alvarez ensured that the chukkas were played sportsmanlike.

On Saturday a players’ party including an Argentinian asado was held at the club, during which the players became acquainted with each other and exchange views about the matches. Following the award ceremony on Sunday the tournament ended with a mutual visit to Seville, the capital of Andalusia. The participants of the tournament enjoyed the Andalusian culture, the mild climate and regional culinary specialties of Andalusia.

Klarina Pichler of Polo Club La Mata del Herrador: “The teams of the Sevilla 50:50 Cup included many different nationalities and it worked perfectly well! We polo players all speak the same language – polo – and this unites us. At this tournament many friendships were formed and we are already planning new projects for the near future.”

Saturday, 16 July 2016
Buena Vista vs. POLO+10 – 5-2
La Mata vs. POLO+10 – 4-1
Buena Vista vs. La Mata – 2-1

Sunday, 17 July 2016
Buena Vista vs. POLO+10 – 9-4
Buena Vista vs. La Mata – 5-4
La Mata vs. POLO+10 – 6-4

#1 Buena Vista
Juan Álvarez
Paco Siles
Leticia Álvarez
Katriona Shirevs

#2 La Mata
Antonio Gallego
Pepe Carrasco
Francesca Smith
Melanie Imnik

#3 POLO+10
Ramón Beca
Thomas Wirth
Clare Macnamara
Laura Elliot

About Polo Club La Mata del Herrador
The Polo Club La Mata del Herrador was founded in 2004 and is located to the north-east of Seville. Throughout the whole year numerous tournaments are held here, which are attended by polo players from many different countries to play polo under the Spanish sun.

For further information about Polo Club La Mata del Herrador please visit

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