Shanghai Tang brings back polo to Hong Kong after 30 years

shanghaiShanghai Tang was the proud official partner of the Shanghai Tang Polo Hong Kong Longines Masters this weekend at the Asia World Expo.
Commonly referred to as the “Sport of Kings” this prestigious game returned to our city after a 30 year hiatus on the 19th to 21st of February, 2016.

Shanghai Tang invited 4 of the top worldwide polo players from different nationalities along with Argentinian polo ponies originating from France’s top polo club, Polo Club de Chantilly.
The matches were held each day prior or after show-jumping competitions with 2 teams of 2 players competing against each other for the Shanghai Tang Polo cup.

This marked Hong Kong’s first ever international indoor Polo Exhibition Tournament with its final match held before the Longines Grand Prix, on Sunday the 21st of February.

Horse polo has an illustrious history in Mongolia. Genghis Khan, the brilliant war strategist and national icon, used it to entertain and train his cavalry. His hordes gleefully transported what became known as “the game of kings” to every part of a vast empire that stretched from Korea to Europe in the 13th century. Polo has since been seen as a stiff test of a man’s courage and masculinity, as well as a means for him to display his elegance and sporting prowess. Shanghai Tang has been inspired by the way that polo test’s ingenuity and courage, supporting the sport in Outer Mongolia.

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