Silver Whips Cup 2016

silver1, 2 and 3 … it needed three finals for Mrs Schuler’s Saint-Tropez Polo Team to overtake the green jerseys of F Polo Team.

After four intense periods, a fifth period known as the “sudden death” had to be played to decide between the two teams. The traditional red jerseys of St. Tropez Polo Team finally won on a score of 7 to 6.

At the subsidiary final, Helen Goddard Watt’s team, Dark Ice, emerged victorious against the Polo 1999 team on a score of 7 to 6. Helen Goddard Watts justifiably received the award for “Best Patron”.

It was Sebastian Harriott’s mare, Bolea, that received the prize “best pony” of the tournament.

The traditional award-giving ceremony was conducted in the presence of a great sportsman, the sea rescue world champion, Jeremy Badre, who handed over the Silver Whips trophy.

Against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset, guests from the peninsula as well as professionals of the world of international polo sampled the restaurant, Polo 1999’s, Argentine and Peruvian flavours.

Final match results:
Saint-Tropez Polo Team 7 vs F Polo Team 6
Subsidiary final match results:
Dark Ice 7 vs Polo 1999 6

Tournament Ranking:
1st – St Tropez Polo Team
2nd – F Polo Team
3rd – Dark Ice
4th – Polo 1999

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