Skeeter Johnston 8-Goal League

skeeterOn Friday, March 11, Gulfstream Polo Club held the finals of the Skeeter Johnston 8-Goal League. Genworth Financial took on last year’s champions, Main Man, and ultimately defeated them 9-8. Francisco Ayala was named MVP while Omar Cepeda’s 6th chukker grey mare “Coconut” was named Best Playing Pony.

Genworth Financial
Jennifer Williams
Richard Dudman
Omar Cepeda
Francisco Ayala

Main Man
Stacy Simpkins
Cuko Escapite
Pelon Escapite
McKenzie Weisz

In the first chukker, Cuko Escapite scored the game opening goal for Main Man. Opponent Francisco Ayala answered back with a goal but his Genworth Financial team went scoreless in the second chukker while Pelon Escapite scored two for Main Man. In the third chukker, substitute players Mackenzie Weisz and Richard Dudman each scored a goal for their teams to finish the half 4-2 in favor of Main Man.

Genworth Financial began to find their stride in the fourth chukker with a goal a piece by Ayala and Cepeda. Enough so that they kept Main Man from scoring completely, tying it up. Main Man answered back with two goals by Pelon Escapite and one goal by Cuko Escapite in the fifth chukker with only one goal from Genworth Financial’s Ayala. Everything was going as planned for Main Man until the sixth and final chukker. The whole team kicked it into overdrive with goals from Dudman, Ayala and two by Cepeda. Main main tried to keep up but only managed to score once from a penalty two. The game ended 9-8 in favor of Genworth Financial, an astounding victory over the ever-tough Main Man.

“It took us the first three chukkers to figure out our best positioning and strategy against the other team, whom we had played previously but with Courtney [Asdourian] playing number two,” said Jennifer Williams. (Courtney Asdourian previously played the number two position for Genworth Financial but was unable to attend the final. She was subbed by Richard Dudman.)

“In the last three chukkers, we crept up on the opposition and I don’t think they expected that from us as we had been down the first half. We caught them by surprise and never gave up, scoring the winning goal in the last few seconds of the game.”

Omar Cepeda’s mare Coconut was awarded MVP for her speed and agility while Francisco Ayala was named Most Valuable Player.

“All of the teams in the 8-Goal were highly competitive and fun to play against, win or lose,” Willams concluded.

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