St Tropez Polo Club has already started preparing for the 2017 season – one that promises to be even more exciting than ever.

The club will host nine tournaments:

-Coupe de L’Hippocampe (8-10 goals): May 4 to 14
-Sun Trophy (8-10 goals): May 18 to 28
-Silver Whips Cup (8-10 goals): June 1 to 11
-Golden Wave (8-10 goals): June 15 to 25
-International Polo Cup Saint-Tropez (8-10 & 12-15 goals): July 6 to 16
-Polo Masters/Open de Gassin (8-10 & 12-15 goals): July 20 to 30
-Cote D’Azur Polo Cup (8-10 & 15-18 goals): August 3 to 13
-ADS Securities High Goal Open du Soleil (8-10 & 12-15 goals): August 17 to 27
-Gold Cup (8-10 goals): From August 31 to September 10

St Tropez has established itself as one of the preferred polo destinations in the world, thanks to the polo, sunny beaches, and its party scene!

This year the club has continued supporting Ellerstina in the Triple Crown. The relationship of both institutions has a long history. Alshair Fiyaz, owner of St Tropez, is a very close friend of Gonzalo Pieres and a great polo enthusiast; he is currently enjoying the Argentine season at Ellerstina Polo Club.

Gonzalo Pieres’ sons landed in St Tropez several years ago to enjoy all that the city has to offer and to raise the level of the sport. This year Gonzalo Jr. and Polito both took part in the tropézienne season in August.

Gonzalo Pieres Sr.: “The relationship between Ellerstina and St-Tropez Polo Club started many years ago. It began with Kerry Packer; he introduced me to Alshair [Fiyaz], who is now a very good friend of mine. That was around 20 years ago. We were also together in England when he started. He then bought St Tropez Polo Club and we established a bond between the club and Ellerstina. He is improving all the facilities, taking the club to the highest level; it is great to have the boys playing there. We have a very strong friendship, a great link which is reinforced by his visit to our country and by his supporting Ellerstina in the Triple Crown.”

Alshair Fiyaz: “This relationship between Ellerstina and St Tropez Polo Club is not only about sponsoring. We have know each other for 20 years now; we’ve been buying horses from them, and they’ve been coming to support the polo club, playing, enjoying the season – they’ve been coming as friends and as family. Polito and Gonzalo came to play this year, and now Gonzalito is coming to play, either with a polo team or another patron. We are organising the team as we speak; we’ll see how it goes. And maybe Polito or Nico will join us this year as well.”

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