Successful 56th edition of Duca D’Aosta Cup in Rome

duca-d-aosta-cup-2016-rome-polo-clubThe 56th edition of the Duca D’Aosta Cup, Italy’s oldest and most prestigious tournament, took place in Rome in the beautiful setting of the Roma Polo Club. The trophy is dedicated to the memory of the Duke Aimone Savoia Aosta, a polo player and one of the first members of the club, which was founded in the 1930’s.

In the final match, Acquedotto Romano, including Max Elser, Peter Elser, Marcos Antinori and Pedro Fernandez Llorente, beat Rinidia Polo Tea, consisting of Riccardo Paganelli, Geronimo Fanelli, Santiago Schinoni and Stefano Giansanti, by 7-3.

Many young Argentinian players, among others Santi Buzzi, Lucas Diaz Alberdi and Bautista Garacoichea, came to Rome for the first time and showed a great performance just like their more experienced compatriots Juan Guiniazu and Gonzalo Azumendi.

Even the young Italian players like Peter Elser and Giaordano Flavio Magini (with 17 years the youngest player of the tournament) played very well and showed great technical and tactical ability.

After the prize-giving ceremony, performed by the Polo Club Presidents Cataldo D’Andria and Duccio Bartalucci, the tournament ended with the traditional gala by the swimming pool in the beautiful setting of the Rome Polo Club.

Los Avellanos
Giordano Flavio Magini
Oscar Carona
Santiago Buzzi
Gonzalo Azumendi

Acquedotto Romano
Max Elser
Peter Elser
Marcos Antinori
Pedro Fernandez Llorente

Rinidia Polo Team
Riccardo Paganelli
Geronimo Fanelli
Santiago Schinoni
Stefano Giansanti

La Cavalleriza
Francesco Scardaccione
Therence Cusmano
Franco Piazza
Bautista Garacoichea

Sud Tirol Bank
Ginevra D’Orazio
Luca D’orazio
Juan Ruiz Guinazu
Lucas Diaz Alberdi

Successful 56th edition of Duca D’Aosta Cup in Rome

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