rhein-neckararenapolocup-85-2016-5-91GThis was the sixth edition of the “;Rhein-Neckar Arena Polo Cup” that took place as a part of the 53rd Maimarkt Turnier at Mannheim, Germany.
Team Ubi Bene lead by Patrick Maleitzke, who had his birthday the day of the finals, won by 12-8 against Team Palest Gourmet/Palazzo.

BPP was Patrick’s mare, Traviesa, from Argentina.

A total of 6 teams competed for the coveted trophy. This traditional festival continues with several equestrian disciplines.

The Teams:

Team Angelhorn (Poloclub M�hlen): Vanessa Schockem�hle, Heinz-Otto Blank, Eduardo Anca.

Team Maritim (Poloclub Landsberg Ammersee): Johann Peter Reinhard, Oliver Sommer, Agustin Kronhaus

Team Gauch / MAG (D�sseldorfer Reit & Polo-Club): Matthias Norman, Dirk Baumg�rtner, Miguel Duggan

Team Ubi Bene (D�sseldorfer Reit & Polo-Club): Prof. Dr. Wolfram T. Knoefe, Philippe Sommer, Patrick Maleitzke

Team Palast Gourmet / Palazzo (Polo Club Luxembourg): Estelle Wagner, Yves Wagner, Patricio J. Gaynor

Team MVV Energie / Troncone (Rhein Polo Club): Dr. Thomas Grau (TC), Patrick Maass, Juan Correa

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