img_9470fi.pressPopupTeam USPA Spring Training with Owen Rinehart and Adam Snow is in full swing in Aiken, South Carolina. Ten Team USPA players have been able to participate in some fantastic training on and off the field. They have been playing side by side with the Aiken area’s best professionals in practices, stick and balling and games throughout the month of May. The players have also had their swings filmed and analyzed through the PDLLC Swing Analysis Program.

While the players certainly have been working to improve their game on the field, they also have been improving their knowledge of all aspects of the polo industry. Team USPA has hosted lectures with top professionals on everything from sports psychology to breaking colts. Dr. Shelley Onderdonk, DVM will be leading a discussion on fitness, conditioning, and maintaining a string of polo ponies at their peak performance. Beth Skolnik will be introducing the players to the process of breaking young horses as well as expose them to Owen Rinehart’s top breeding operation. A special thank you to Adam Snow, Owen Rinehart, Horacio Onetto, Pelon Escapite, Marcos Onetto, Willie Hartnett, Dan McCarthy, Cam Davis, Beth Skolnik, Rel Mazur, Dr. Shelley Onderdonk, Kris Bowman and the Aiken polo community for making this experience possible for these players.

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