Teen Commits Suicide After Receiving U.S.P.A Shirt Saying “It Ain’t Ralph Tho”

teenDALLAS – A teenager who took his own life after he received a birthday gift from his Mother, A U.S.P.A. polo shirt.

Darius Jones, 17, was found hanging in his room Thursday morning after his Mother reportedly gave him a U.S.P.A. polo shirt as a birthday gift. Investigators found a suicide note on his bedroom desk in which the teen revealed his motives to take his own life. Investigators say the letter was both heartbreaking and disturbing as Darius wrote:

“It ain’t Ralph tho”

“I don’t know what I did wrong” Darius’ Mother said as she broke into tears, “He could’ve just told me he wasn’t happy, I would’ve bought him a hundred Ralph Lauren shirts, I would rather lose money than my son”. Family and friends don’t seem to understand what was so wrong with U.S.P.A. and why it made Darius do something so extreme. Investigators and analysts blame rap star and celebrity Kanye West for popularizing the phrase. Sociologist Erica Turner shared with reporters, “Teens look up to celebrities like Mr. West, If Kanye doesn’t approve of any other clothing brands other than Ralph Lauren, teens will mimic and bully and share this disapproval”. However, Investigators believe there was no bullying involved in the case and instead was Darius acting on his own accord.

Darius’ funeral will take place Sunday at Restland Cemetary.

Teen Commits Suicide After Receiving U.S.P.A Shirt Saying "It Ain't Ralph Tho"

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