Tex8n Stars at Westcroft Park

Mindi Byrne’s team triumphs

On Sunday 11 December, Tex8n reigned supreme and claimed victory in the Final of the HPA National Club Championship (5-8), the first tournament in the new Arena Victor Ludorum Series, at Westcroft Park Polo Club, against Las Aguilas. Victorious in all of their games on the road to the Final, Sunday was no exception as they racked up an impressive 13 goal lead over challengers Las Aguilas, who fought to hold their own against the team in blue with a veracity that belied the final score of 20-7. With fouls coming thick and fast, arena balls flying with their trajectories ending up over many a hedge and even in the viewing gallery, it was certainly a match to remember. Tex8n’s Nico San Roman was awarded The Polo Magazine Most Valuable Player Award, and after the match we spoke to Nico San Roman who joked “I expected it” before laughingly conceding that it was due to the efforts of “all the team”. However, not all the prizes were won by Tex8n, with Carla, who was played by Las Aguilas’ Adolfo Casabal, named Polo Times Best Playing Pony. For a full report, keep an eye out for your December issue of Polo Times.

HPA National Club Championship (Victor Ludorum 5-8 goal) teams:

Tex8n (8): Mindi Byrne (1), Juan ‘Chino’ Leiva (3) & Nico San Roman (4)

Las Aguilas (8): Capi Granchi (0), Michel Granchi (1) & Adolfo Casabal (7)

Chukka scores: 5-2, 11-4, 16-6, 20-7 to Tex8n

The Polo Magazine Most Valuable Player: Nico San Roman

Polo Times Best Playing Pony: Carla, played by Adolfo Casabal


Photograph: Polo Times Best Playing Pony, Carla. By Aurora Cotton-McKean


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