semifinalistset-61-2016-1-191GA new matchdate for the Thai Polo Open took place on Sunday at the Thai Polo Club, in Pattaya, Thailand. Two final games were to be played to define which teams were going to play the semifinals of the tournament and which ones to play for the fifth place.

The journey started with the game between the locals, Thai Polo, and 22BR. From the beginning, Thai Polo showed some superiority that was also shown in the scoreboard. Final score was 5-1 to Harald Link’s team.

Later on was the turn for the match between la Sarita and TNL/Macau. It was a vibrant game, which went finally to the latters 8-7.

Therefore, the semis and the match for the fifth place for the Thai Polo Open 2016 have been set up with the order of play as follows:
Wednesday, semifinals:
2:30 PM, Cancha 2: TNL/Macau vs 22BR
4:30 PM, Cancha 2: Thai Polo vs La Sarita

Friday, fifth place:
4PM: HLF Polo vs Royal Pahang

The grand final will be played on Saturday.

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