titlefor22br-63-2016-1-241GThe finals of the Thai Polo Open 2016 took place on Saturday at the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club in Pattaya, Thailand. Polo fans also enjoyed equestrian activities, a firework show and the chance to savour local dishes.

HLF Polo and Royal Pahang for the EFG Bank Polo Cup took to the field first. The match was well played and very tight, but in the end the victory went to Royal Pahang, who won 5.5-4.

Next, La Sarita and The Next Level/Macau fought for third place. It was meant to be an even game, but a great performance by Tomas Fernandez Llorente, La Sarita’s number 3, was too much for The Next Level/Macau. La Sarita won 8-4.

Finally, it was time for the grand final. The match between locals Thai Polo and 22BR. The teams had faced each other a week before, which resulted in a 5-1 win for Thai Polo. But 22BR had the key player of the tournament, Agustín García Grossi, who showed that he was capable of winning as 22BR beat Thai Polo 7-6 and claimed the Thai Polo Open title.

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