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ladiesEngland Ladies Defeat Argentina at Cirencester Park Polo Club

On Sunday 19 June on a rainy and grey June day, the England Ladies shone bright against a tough Argentine international side. A great day for women’s polo saw a high goal battle between the two international line-ups, both including some of the top lady players in the world. Hazel Jackson captained the England side, which took on and triumphed over Lia Salvo’s Argentina side in a match which had spectators peeking from under their brollies as they leaned forward on the edges of their slightly soggy picnic mats.

The match was preceded by The Bledisloe Warwickshire Cup Final, which was won by Black Bears in a convincing win over El Remanso.

The International match, which began with a 1½ goal headstart for Lia Salvo’s Argentine side, got underway with a goal from Sarah Wiseman bringing the score up to almost even after the first chukka, but this closeness didn’t last long as an epic goal from Mia Cambiaso in the second chukka whistled through the posts to extend the Argentine lead to 2½-1. Argentina thought that they could breathe easy, but as the third chukka got underway it wasn’t long before The Polo Magazine Most Valuable Player, Tamara Fox caught up with a field goal that saw the score move to 2-2½. Despite a converted penalty from Paola Martinez, it was all about England in the remaining chukkas of the match and Sarah Wiseman, top goal scorer of the match, notched three consecutive goals that were unanswered by Argentina, bringing the match to a 5-3½ conclusion in favour of the home side. Argentina’s tough and competitive play was no match for the firepower of Sarah Wiseman and the Argentine’s occasional ebb in discipline saw England receive two penalties, which were dutifully scored to take the solid win.

A fantastic match showcased the growing professionalism and enthusiasm for women’s polo and all eight players displayed the talent and competitiveness that puts them at the top of the game. We look forward to another International soon.

The Kings Head Women’s International teams*:

England (27): Hazel Jackson (7), Tamara Fox (7), Sarah Wiseman (7) & Claire Brougham (6)

Argentina (26): Mia Cambiaso (2), Maria Bellande (7), Lia Salvo (9) & Paola Martinez (8)

*All handicaps are HPA women’s handicaps

Photograph: Victory for England Ladies over Argentina. Courtesy of Tamara Fox

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