thesemisofthe10goalspolomastersareset-92-2016-7-261GThe semifinals of the 10 goals Polo Masters Open de Gassin are already set after the double day held today at Polo Club Saint Tropez. Both the subsidiary and main semis will take place next Thursday.

The matches of the zone B took place in the morning on field 2. Villa a Sesta faced Amanara/Sagax and Antelope faced Berlin Polo Club. The first game was achieved by the italian team who despite the good plays of Amanara, won by 9 to 6.5.

Berlin Polo Club was looking for a first victory against a tough Antelope. It was a hard fight were Grant Plamer’s foursome beat their opponents by 6 to 4. This result lead to a triple tie, therefore Villa a Sesta, Amanara/Sagax and Antelope defined the two places in semis with penalties. Finally, first the italian VAS and second Antelope secured their places for next Thursday.

The zone A had its games in the afternoon. In the first contest, La Concepcion upset Sezz 7-6.5 after 6 victories of the Kalaidjian’s team. This result opened a door for the local St.Tropez Polo Team, and on the other side left behind VT Wealth Management. This zone was also set by penalties between St. Tropez, Sezz and La Concepcion, ending up with the locals out of the main semis.

Therefore, the semifinals of the 10 goals Polo Masters Open de Gassin have been set for next Thursday as follows:
Sezz vs Antelope
La Concepcion vs Villa A Sesta
Subsidiary: Saint Tropez vs Berlin Polo Club
Subsidiary: VT Wealth MGMT vs Amanara/Sagax

The Polo Masters Open de Gassin will go on on Wednesday with the 15 goals games and the kick off of the Ladies Challenge with 3 teams in participation (Cote D’Azur Polo Club, Roca Rosa and El Paso Polo Ranch). The contest will be held on wednesday, friday and saturday with the following schedule:

From 11am in advance, field 2: Ladies Challenge.
5pm, field 1: F Polo Team vs Composite Works.
6.30pm, field 1: Habtoor Polo vs Antelope.

On the other side, the teams and fixture of the 10 goals Cote D’Azur 2016 has been announced. The Tournament will run from August 4 through 14 at Polo Club Saint Tropez.
Fixture and teams, click here.

Villa A Sesta vs Amanara/Sagax

Antelope vs Berlin Polo Club

La Concepcion vs Sezz

Saint Tropez vs VT Wealth Management

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