This Is Just the Beginning

virginiaOldford Polo Ground, Madison County, 19 June 2016 , The weather was perfect and the ground first class. The talent on the field was remarkable considering that this was the season’s first outing.Rusty polo mallets certainly were not the case among the members of the Gold squad as Michael Watt, the Canadian Brit, took three successive passes from the Argentine Freight Train Butler and converted them in the first period. Some organizational realignment among the Red team of Coach Gillespie and the Double-Down Kiyonaga boys did not yet enable the Reds to score. The bookmakers were giving 10-1 odds on a strong Gold win.

The second chukker started where number two chukker had left off. The ball easily passed from Freight Train to Brit for a goal while Celtic Lass provided her classic defense against the Reds. First blood was drawn late in the chukker on an easy roll-in push by Big Boy Clayton followed by a clean second goal by Papa Long Legs. Gold 4 Red 2

The Gold team’s dynamic duo of Watt and Butler between them scored three goals in the third period while Big Boy Clayton added two to his card for Red. The score was Gold 7 Red 4 at the end of the chukker. The score of the game belonged to Big Boy for a well struck shot almost from the goal line that slipped between the posts.

Brit, Freight Train and Celtic Lass each had a goal in the fourth to put Gold’s tally at 10. The Kiyonaga Boys , in a remarkable burst of talent, each added one to Red’s score to raise it to 6.

The next game is scheduled for 1 pm on next Saturday.

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