internationalpolocup-10goalstournament-97-2016-7-121GTuesday action at Saint Tropez Polo Club. The International Polo Cup resumed with two games of the 8-10 goals Tournament. The contests were: Sezz vs Cavok and St.Tropez Polo vs Antelope.

The game between Sezz and Cavok featured the presence of Teodoro Von Neufforge replacing Juan Zavalia. The team Sezz showed a clear superiority since the beggining with a great performance of Marcelo Amadeo y Videla, who scored 11 of the 12 goals. The match ended up 12-7.5 for Shahe’s team, who will face Antelope.

Score Sezz: (0-0.5) 3-1.5, 5-3.5, 9-4.5, 12-7.5.

The second match saw the unbeatens St. Tropez Polo Team and Antelope, with two and one victory respectively. It was a very balanced match that ended up tied on 2 in the first half. In the second part of the game, St. Tropez made a difference, and despite the injury and replacement of Clement Delfosse, Corinne Schuler’s foursome won 6-4.

Score St Tropez Polo Team: 1-2, 2-2, 4-3, 6-4.

La actividad en St Tropez continuará el miércoles con la International Polo Cup (12-15 goles):
The activity at the Polo Club Saint Tropez will go on on wednesday with the IPC of 12-15 goals. Games will be as follows:

5pm: Antelope vs Pull Love / Field 1.
6.30pm: Monte Carlo Polo Team vs F Polo Team / Field 1.

Sezz vs Cavok

St Tropez Polo Team vs Antelope


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