By Alejandra Ocampo

Cria Yatay and La Irenita emerged as the winners of the second round of play of the Torneo Clasificatorio 90 Años de la AAP. Following their victories against Las Rosas and Chapaleufu, respectively, the two spots to play the Hurlingham Open and the Argentine Polo Open Championship will be determined in the last matchday, due next Monday.

In the opening game, held on ground 2, Cria Yatay overwhelmed Las Rosas and defeated them by a heavy 20-5 score. Based on a solid teamplay and with Joaquin Pittaluga leading the attack, Cria Yatay dominated the match and the scoreboard to take an impressive win. Despite the heavy score and their ideal 2-0 record, the boys have to wait until Monday to determine whether they will be able to qualify.

Score Cría Yatay: 4-2, 8-3, 12-4, 14-4, 16-4, 19-4, 20-5

Next up, La Irenita and Chapaleufu played a very even contest, that was decided in the last chukker, when La Irenita outscored Chapaleufu to grab a 14-12 win.
Despite Chapaleufu remained in the lead during the first half, reaching a 6-2 advantage halfway the third chukker, La Irenita was coming up slowly, until they could tie at 8-all in the fifth chukker. However, Chapaleufu was back on the saddle in the sixth chukker, and re took the lead, 12-10, with goals by Guillermo Terrera.
A thrilling last chukker followed – La Irenita made a great comeback and scored four unanswered goals to take a very important win home.

Score La Irenita: 1-2, 2-3, 4-6, 7-8, 9-9, 10-12, 14-12

The classification will be decided on Monday October 10, with the two last games both due at 2,30pm, at Palermo: La Irenita vs. Las Rosas (ground 2) and Cria Yatay vs. Chapaleufu (ground 1)

Cria Yatay vs. Las Rosas

La Irenita vs. Chapaleufu

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