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berenberg-german-polo-masters-2016-sylt-team-porsche-zentrum-hamburgTeam Porsche Zentrum Hamburg has defeated defending champion Berenberg by a spectacular and narrow 5-4. The young players Tim Ward (GBR), Nico Sherring (RSA), Micky Duggan (ARG) and Marc Aberle (GER) played self-confidently and tactically wise from the start and went for the win. Tim Ward “discovered” the young 1-goaler Nico Sherring in South Africa and brought him to Sylt, where he was awarded as “Most Valuable Player” at the Berenberg German Polo Masters. The 19-year-old was overjoyed collecting the prize. The Argentinian Micky Duggan, whose grandfather won the gold medal in polo at the Olympic Games in 1936 – exactly 80 years ago – at the Berliner Maifeld, is travelling the whole world as a professional polo player and also is no stranger to the audience on Sylt. An earned victory for the fastest team of the tournament and polo at its best in gorgeous weather for the final matches. The 19th Berenberg German Polo Masters were excellently commented on by Alexander Schwarz, who will also accompany the Polo European Championship in Berlin as commentator at the end of the month.

A total of 14,000 spectators from all over Germany watched the polo matches on Sylt. Long since the Berenberg German Polo Masters are known as one of the top tournaments in Europe. The first Sylter Horse Day also contributed to the fantastic feedback of the audience, during which about 1,000 visitors informed themselves at the venue of the tournament about everything they wanted to know about horses and the different disciplines in equestrian sports. Horses on Sylt and the horse enthusiastic inhabitants of Sylt also figured prominently and helped form the informative Horse Day. For example Matthias Töke (coach rides on Sylt) and Ana-Rika Jansen of riding school Grünhof were part of it.

The 19th Berenberg German Polo Masters were a total success for Germany’s oldest private bank as well. Karsten Wehmeier, Head of Corporate Communications at Berenberg: “Of course our team, including team captain Jo Schneider, was highly motivated to defend its title of the previous year. On their way to the final the foursome stayed undefeated. But in the final match Porsche won by one goal in exciting chukkas. Despite of the fitful weather during the tournament week, many vacationers as well as local inhabitants of Sylt found the way to the polo field and cheered for their favourite teams enthusiastically.”

Organiser Stephanie “Kiki” Schneider: “We are glad about the great commitment of the players, grooms and horses, but also about the mix of long-standing and new sponsors. Next to the private bank Berenberg also Porsche, Lanson, König Pilsener and König Immobilien Sylt as well as many other partners have made this tournament possible. Immediately after the tournament we will start the preparations for the 20th Berenberg German Polo Masters. For this jubilee we are planning to do many things.”


Final, Gold Cup
Porsche Zentrum Hamburg vs. Berenberg – 5-4

Silver Cup, Round Robin
König Pilsener vs. König Immobilien Sylt – 2-2
König Pilsener vs. Lanson – 0-4
König Immobilien Sylt vs. Lanson – 2-2


Gold Cup

1) Marc Aberle -1 (GER)
2) Tim Ward 3 (GBR)
3) Micky Duggan 4 (ARG)
4) Nicolas Sherring 1 (RSA)

1) Christopher Winter 2 (GER)
2) Sven Schneider 2 (GER)
3) Tatu Gomez Romero 4 (ARG)
4) Jo Schneider 0 (GER)

Silver Cup

1) Matthias Grau 0 (GER)
2) Christian Grimme 0 (GER)
3) Cristobal Durrieu 4 (ARG)
4) Thomas Winter 4 (GER)

1) Estelle Wagner 0 (LUX)
2) Philipp Sommer 1 (GER)
3) Miguel Amieva 4 (ARG)
4) Patrick Maleitzke 3 (GER)

1) Wolfram T. Knoefel 0 (GER)
2) Britta Klatte -1 (GER)
3) Eduardo Anca 6 (ARG)
4) Lukas Sdrenka 2 (GER)

United Polo Nations

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