USPA Intercollegiate Team to Compete overseas in SUPA Polistas International Challenge

uspa1The United States Polo Association (USPA) Intercollegiate Team will be traveling across the pond to compete in the Schools and Universities Polo Association (SUPA) Polistas International Challenge against the SUPA Britain Intercollegiate Team and the SUPA Team from Ireland February 12 & 13 at the Rugby Polo Club, Dunchurch, United Kingdom.

The USPA and SUPA began the annual international intercollegiate polo challenge in 2013 at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA in conjunction with the Townsend Cup. The USA Team defeated SUPA Britain in that inaugural match and won again in England the following year. In 2015, the USA Team tried for a three-peat when they contested SUPA Britain once more at Empire Polo Club, but suffered their first series loss 16-13. This year SUPA Ireland will join the tournament in a round robin.

“The Intercollegiate/Interscholastic (I/I) committee is grateful to the USPA Board of Governors for supporting this important effort,” said USPA I/I Chairman, David Wenning. “The young men and women who participate in this event have represented polo in this country at the highest levels both through their sportsmanship and playing ability. We are excited to continue this wonderful tradition.”

The USA Team:
Northeastern: Emma Eldredge from Cornell University
Northeastern: Daymar Rosser from Roger Williams University
Central: Casey Woodfin from Texas A&M University
Western: Tony Uretz from Westmont College


Emma Eldredge, 20, Junior
Hometown: Ithaca, NY
University: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Major: Psychology
Coach: David Eldredge
Personal information: Emma began playing polo at age 8. Her entire family has been involved in polo. Her father is also the coach of Cornell Polo so Emma was expected to play polo as soon as she was strong enough to participate.
Achievements: 2015 National Intercollegiate Champion; 2015 Northeastern Intercollegiate Regional Champion; 2015 Northeastern Regional Intercollegiate All Star; 2013 Girls’ Interscholastic Player of the Year; 2013 Northeastern Open Regional All Star; 2012 Girl’s National Interscholastic All Star; 2010 Girls’ National Interscholastic Champion

Daymar Rosser, 20, Sophomore
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
University: Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI
Major: Public Relations, Minor: Business Management, Photography
Coach: Ted Torrey
Personal info: Daymar started playing polo when he was 7 years old under the auspices of Lezlie Hiner in the Work to Ride program, a nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia. Daymar was introduced to polo by his two older brothers who helped him find his love for the sport of polo.
Achievements: 2010 Open National Interscholastic Champion; 2010 Open National Interscholastic All Star; 2010 Southeastern Regional Interscholastic Champion; 2010 Southeastern Regional Interscholastic All Star

Casey Woodfin, 21, Junior
Hometown: Wharton, TX
University: Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
Major: Agricultural Economics
Coach: Mike McCleary
Personal Info: Casey started playing polo when he was 8 years old. His entire family is involved in polo including his father who is a professional polo manager.
Achievements: 2015 National Intercollegiate Runner Up

Tony Uretz, 22, Senior
Hometown: Malibu, CA
College: Westmont College, Santa Barbara
Major: Economics/Business
Coach: John Westley
Personal Info: Tony has been in polo his entire life, growing up in a family very much involved in polo.
Achievements: 2014 & 2013 National Intercollegiate Champion; 2013 National All Star Award; 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 Western Regional Intercollegiate Champion; 2015 Western Regional All Star Award; 2014 & 2013 National Interscholastic Champion


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