Madelon-Bourdieu-Memorial3-470x353In the battle of two undefeated teams in the Madelon Bourdieu Memorial 6-goal, Valiente (Poroto Cambiaso, Mia Cambiaso, Lucas Criado, Jr. and Pablo Spinacci) improved their record to 2-0 on the strength of a 7½-2 win over The Polo School (Santos Merlos, Kristo Magrini, Segundo Merlos and Alejo Taranco) Monday afternoon at the Grand Champions Polo Club.
Valiente received 1½ goals by handicap from the five goal lineup of The Polo School and scored the first two goals of the game for a 3½-0 lead. Lucas Criado Jr. converted a penalty shot from the 30-yard mark for a goal and Poroto scored on a goal from the field.
Segundo Merlos got the Polo School on the scoreboard in the second chukker of the four chukker match, cutting the lead to two goals, 3-1. Criado scored the final goal of the first half, giving Valiente the 4½-1 halftime advantage.
In a defensive third period neither team was able to score from the field. Pablo Spinacci scored on a 60-yard Safety for the only goal of the chukker that extended the Valiente lead to 5½-1.
The Valiente momentum continued through the final chukker with Criado and Poroto Cambiaso each adding a goal. Santos Merlos scored the final goal of the game for The Polo School but the win belonged to Valiente, 7½-2.

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