Vargas Up To The Polo Challenge

DR-Silver-CupLechuza Caracas Winners of The Silver Cup

Saturday 27 February saw another world-class polo duel in the Dominican Republic between reigning champions Lechuza Caracas and their closest rivals Agualinda. In an unsurprising repeat of The Bronze Cup Final, which saw Lechuza Caracas defeat Agualinda 6-5, The Polo Challenge Silver Cup Final was another tight and low scoring match with the 7-6 scoreline reflecting how well-matched the two teams are. Agualinda’s David ‘Pelon’ Stirling did his best to topple Victor Vargas and his trusty 10 goaler, Juan Martin Nero, with some extraordinary runs and dominating play on Best Playing Pony Zaira, but it was not to be. Even Jose Donoso (Most Valuable Player) was unable to make much headway against the characteristically solid defence of Lechuza’s Gerardo Collardin and despite coming so close, Agualinda were forced once again to accept defeat.

The long awaited pinnacle of this brand new season, and the third of four tournaments, The Polo Challenge Gold Cup will get underway on Thursday 3 March. Will Lechuza Caracas remain the unbeaten winners of the Dominican Triple Crown or will Agualinda finally have their revenge? Follow all the action on the Polo Times news section.

The Polo Challenge Silver Cup Final teams:

Lechuza Caracas (22): Víctor Vargas (1), Juan Jauretche (5), Gerardo Collarden (6) & Juan Martin Nero (10),

Agualinda (22): Alfredo Vargas (1), José Donoso (5), Gastón Lisioli (6) & David Stirling Jr (10)

Result: Lechuza Caracas beat Agualinda, 7-6

Photograph: Gerardo Collardin, Juan Martin Nero, Juan Jauretche and Victor Vargas of Lechuza Caracas lift The Polo Challenge Silver Cup. By Matias Callejo

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