Victor Ludorum Arena Series Begins

The HPA National Club Championships 5-8 goal at Westcroft Park

The first tournament in the new Victor Ludorum arena series, and the second in the HPA National Club Championships has begun at Westcroft Park Polo Club. Six teams have entered the 5-8 goal tournament which forms part of the Westcroft Park Winter Polo Festival. The team line-ups are all names of players from the Berkshire and Surrey area including Mindi Byrne’s Tex8n, Michael Poppel’s Sau Wild, the Granchi family team Las Aguilas, James Crossley’s Comland, Woodhouse Stud with Paul Bussey and last but not least Mo Shah’s Royal Pahang Polo.

In the first round of games Comland defeated Las Aguilas on Saturday 3 December with a score of 11-9. On Sunday 4 December Tex8n defeated Sau Wild 15-10 and in the second game of the day, Las Aquila’s earned their spot in the Semi Final with another win, this time against Royal Pahang Polo with a close score of 14-13.

The next game will be on Wednesday 7 December between Tex8n and Woodhouse Stud. The Finals will be on Sunday 11 December. The Polo Times Best playing Pony Series continues and there will also be The Polo Magazine Most Valuable Player Award up for grabs. Click here to see the full team lists and results.


Photograph: Ed Morris Lowe winds up for a shot in the Westcroft Park Polo Club arena. Courtesy of Westcroft Park Polo Club

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