Warnings Issued

Initiations-cupThe Argentine Polo Association Tighten Restrictions
With their autumn season in full swing the Argentine Polo Association (AAP) are issuing warnings to all players and horse owners that access will be denied to the Association fields in Palermo and Pilar to any and all horses that do not comply with new requirements. Horses will not be let off trucks and trailers until proof has been given that the animal in question:

Has an up to date influenza vaccination (within the last three months)
Has proved negative for infectious anaemia in the last 60 days
Has an up to date encephalomyelitis vaccination (within the last year)
After last year’s anaemia scare when tournaments had to be postponed and quarantines enforced the AAP are tightening restrictions and advising other clubs around Argentina to do the same to help stop the spread of infectious diseases.

In the UK, all polo ponies must carry proof of vaccination with certificates, usually stamped in their passports by a registered vet. The dates within which the ponies are vaccinated must coincide with the annual dates following the initial three courses. With regards to infectious or contagious diseases, good stable management and bio security measures are key to stopping infection from spreading. Simple yard rules such as each pony having their own buckets for feed and water, and taking your own feed and water buckets to other clubs and grounds rather than allowing your ponies to drink out of public water troughs, will greatly reduce the risk of spreading infections. If you do suspect a contagious disease you must report this to the HPA and put quarantine procedures in place. For more on the rules and regulations regarding vaccinations and contagious diseases click here and go to page 9 for rule 4.d in the HPA Year Book Rules and Regulations under Pony Welfare for more information.

Photograph: The AAP have issued warnings to players about new restrictions. By Katie Vickery


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