Another month passes by and we are getting closer to October. The Argentine Season has started on full throttle and all the teams have already made their presentations. Lía Salvo, the best Argentine female player, made history at the Jockey Club being the first woman to win the Open. But leaving the sports news aside, there were also many things that happened on the sidelines and that are worth the mention.

Before the end of the European season, in UK, Richard Le Poer proposed to his girlfriend Flora, that of course said yes. But that wasn’t the only marriage proposal: Iván Gaona surprised Hazel Jackson, the recognized English player, during their holidays in Menorca, and she also accepted. Ludovic Pailloncy, the HB Polo patron and player got hitched to Alida his now wife in Provence. In Argentina, Facu Sola’s sister Delfina tied the knot as well, and shared a memorable waltz with her brother, the star from Washington Polo Team.

After landing in Argentina, three weeks ago, the Zavaletas received their new member, little Olympia, daughter of Isabelle Strom and Corchito Zavaleta. Now her dad started the season with Alegría Polo Team on the best way possible, as he has a new and possibly the most faithful of his admirers, his first born daughter. From PoloLine, the warmest regards to the new family!

On another subject, but also socials, more related to the enjoyment and relaxation of the players, Nic Roldán hopped from airport to airport: he first flew to Hawaii after finalizing his commitments on the American season, and after visited Guatemala, not only for the sport, but also to participate of charity activities, as usual in the life of this philantrophist sportsman.

Before kicking off on the Jockey Club, Pablo Mac Donough took a well-deserved break after a very intense season in Sotogrande, and he chose Chapelco for it.. maybe looking for some cooling off after the Andalusian heat? On the other side of the ocean, in France, Tuki Ruiz Guiñazú had fun after Chantilly, practicing together with the ex Los Pumas rugbier Gonzalo Quesada in La Moinerie Polo Club, and a few days after, he got together with Robertito Strom to cheer for Paris Saint-Germain that played versus Arsenal in Parc des Princes.

Finally, the winner of the Cartier Gold Cup Adolfo Cambiaso was invited to participate from the Argentina Business & Investment Forum, an initiative launched by President Mauricio Macri, that had many figures from the business scene, government entities, and personalities as the number 1 polo player, ballet dancer Paloma Herrera and the social network star chef and Ellerstina Hotel’s Felicitas Pizarro.

Moreover, today good news came from the Argentine Polo Association: the directives, together with the Mayor of Buenos Aires Horacio Rodríguez Larreta confirmed that there won’t be any buildings constructed on the Campo Argentino de Polo in Palermo. The Polo Cathedral, safe for now.

Finally, all the way from Wellington we heard about the homage to the great late polo player Carlos Gracida: they named a well deserved street after him.

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