The Coronation Cup

Saturday 23:
3pm: Inglaterra vs The Commonwealth.

Time for this prestigious international test-match at the Guards Polo Club. England and the Commonwealth will face each other again as it happened in 2002 when the visitors surprised and beat the locals 11-10. Canadian Fred Mannix is the only one who will repeat from that occasion. Will be streamed live on Pololine.TV.

Guards Polo Club:

Sunday 24:
1.30pm, Social Cup, Siubsidiary Final: TBC.
3pm, Social Cup, Final: TBC.

Cowdray Park Polo Club:

Sunday 24:
11am, Harrison Cup: Poulton/Balvanera v Shalimar
3pm, Harrison Cup: Avenue32.com v Emlor C
4.30pm, Holden White Cup: DJ Cats v Sumaya

Cirencester Park Polo Club:

Saturday 23:
10am, Doug Brown Cup: Supanova vs Los Chinos.
10am, Doug Brown Cup: Blenheim/Syreford vs Foxcote Yellow.
11am, Doug Brown Cup: Syreford vs Noon Giraffe.

Sunday 24:
10am, R J Polo -2 ~ 2 Tournament: Big Crocodillo vs Syreford Mill.
10am, R J Polo -2 ~ 2 Tournament: Woodhouse Stud vs Glasgow Polo.
11am, R J Polo -2 ~ 2 Tournament: Foxcote Red vs Cotswold Airport.
1pm, Cirencester Int. for 5th& 6th Place Final.
3pm, Cirencester International Ladies Final.
4.30pm, Cirencester International Ladies Plate Final.


Polo Club de Saint-Tropez, Polo Masters/Open de Gassin:

Saturday 23:
10am, 8-10 goal: Sezz vs VT Wealth Management.
11am, 8-10 goal: La Concepcion vs Saint Tropez Polo Team.
5pm, 12-15 goal: Antelope vs Power Infrastructure.
6.30pm, 12-15 goal: Habtoor Polo vs Dark Ice.

Sunday 24:
5.30pm, 8-10 goal: Villa a Sesta vs Antelope.
6.30pm, 8-10 goal: Amanara/Sagax vs Berlin Polo Club.


Santa María Polo Club, Campeonato de España de Polo Femenino:

Saturday 23 and Sunday 24, Fixtures TBC.


Aspen Valley Polo Club – The Basalt Handicap:

Friday 22:
11am: La Karina vs. Travieso, at Sopris Mt. Ranch.
3pm: Round Robin between Tonkawa, Flexjet &. Los Amigos, at High Mesa Ranch.

Saturday 23:
11am: Kidz Polo at Sopris Mt. Ranch.

Sunday 24:
11am: Final.
1pm: Subsidiary Final.

All matches will be streamed live on Chukker.TV.

*All times are local.


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