Copa de Plata, Santa María Polo Club:

Friday 29:
7pm, High Goal: Dos Lunas-A&G Banca Privada vs Ayala Polo Team.

Sunday 31:
11am, Bronze Low Goal Subsidiary Final.
12.15pm, Bronze Low Goal Final.
7pm, Medium Goal: GSA vs Seven Sevens

The high goal season kicked off last Thursday in Sotogrande. Will be played until August 28th.


Polo Club de Saint-Tropez, Polo Masters/Open de Gassin:

Saturday 30:
10am, Subsidiary 3rd Place (10-Goal): Berlin Polo Club vs VT Wealth Management.
11am, Subsidiary Final (10-Goal): St Tropez Polo Team vs Amarana/Sagax.
5pm, Ladies Challenge Final Day.

Sunday 31:
10am, 3rd Place (15-Goal): Power Infrastructure vs Habtoor.
11am, 3rd Place (10-Goal): La Concepción vs Antelope.
5pm, Final (15-Goal): Antelope vs F Polo Team.
6.30pm, Final (10-Goal): Sezz vs Villa A Sesta.

The Polo Masters/Open de Gassin comes to an end after two great weeks of polo. On Saturday after the Ladies Challenge, “La Nuit Argentine” will be taking place as a special event. On Sunday, after the finals, another special event: “Cocktail & Empanadas”.


Guards Polo Club:

Saturday 30:
1pm, Duke of Wellington Trophy: Park Place vs Snakebite.
3pm, Crawford Cup Semifinals TBC.
4.15pm, Crawford Cup Subsidiary Semifinals TBC.

Sunday 31:
12pm, Crawford Cup Subsidiary Final TBC.
3pm, Crawford Cup Final TBC.
3pm, Town & County Championship 2016: Kildare vs Tashan Polo.

Cowdray Park Polo Club:

Saturday 30:
1pm, Harrison Cup: Poulton/Balvanera vs Four Quarters Orange.
3pm, Harrison Cup: Shalimar vs Emlor.
4.30pm, Harrison Cup: Snake Bite vs Black Bears.

Sunday 31:
12.30pm, Challenge Cup: TBC.
2pm, Holden White Cup: TBC.
3pm, Challenge Cup: TBC.
4pm, Holden White Cup: TBC.
4.30pm, Holden White Cup: TBC.

Cirencester Park Polo Club:

Saturday 30:
10am, Doug Brown Cup: Coxwell vs Hascombe.
10am, Edmund Gruber Cup: Los Chinos vs Foxcote Red.
11am, Doug Brown Cup: Foxcote Yellow vs Noon Giraffe.
11am, Edmund Gruber Cup: Blenheim/Syreford vs Syreford.
1pm, R J Polo -2 ~ 2 Tournament: Lutheridge vs Foxcote Red
1pm, R J Polo -2 ~ 2 Tournament: Syreford vs Woodhouse Stud
2pm, R J Polo Plate: Glasgow Polo vs Syreford Mill
2pm, R J Polo Plate: Big Crocodillo vs Cotswold Airport
3pm, Humphrey Guinness Plate: Shibumi vs Indubitable.

Sunday 31:
10am, Doug Brown Cup Final, at Peddington.
10am, R J Polo -2 ~ 2 Tournament Final, at Meadow.
11.30am, Edmund Gruber Cup Final, at Peddington.
11,30am, RJ Polo Plate Final, at Meadow.
1pm, Copper Bowl Final, at Meadow.
3pm, Humphrey Guinness Plate Final, at Ivy Lodge.
4.30pm, Fossway Trophy Final, at Ivy Lodge.


Aspen Valley Polo Club – The Emma Challenge:

Friday 29:
11am: Flexjet vs Aspen Valley.
3pm: Round Robin between Los Amigos, La Karina and Tonkawa.

Saturday 30:
11am: USPA vs NYTS, at Sopris Mt. Ranch.

Sunday 31:
11am: Subsidary Final.
1pm: Final.

*All times are local.


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