wintodolfinapatinadora-6-2016-4-301GThe final for the V Breeders Cup, organised by the AACCP, took place on Saturday at the AAP Fields in Pilar. Dolfina Patinadora (Agustín Merlos, David Stirling, Marcos Heguy and Francisco De Narváez) beat Oli Chicha (Gastón Laulhé, Fred Mannix, Juan Martín Nero and Ignacio Novillo Astrada) 7-5. It was the highest handicapped match of the Argentine autumn season and was played over 8 chukkers.

The prize giving awarded the following:
– Best Argentine Polo product to Abrojito Rayita, played by Juan Martín Nero and breeding of H y A S.A.
– Second best Argentino Polo Product to Dolfina Patinadora, played by Agustín Merlos and owned by El Caburé.
– The most nominated product of the tournament was Arroba Simpática, played by Ignacio Novillo Astrada, bred by Miguel Novillo Astrada.
– Breed with most outstanding product of the tournament went to Anay Sur S.A.
– Cría Tanoira was awarded the second breed with most outstanding products.

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