winsforfpoloandantelopeinthe15goalspolomasters-97-2016-7-251GThe sun came back to the Cote D’Azur together with two new games of the Polo Masters Open de Gassin 15 goals category at Polo Club Saint Tropez.

The opening match of the day was the one played by F Polo Team and Power Infraestructure, looking to get closer to the final. With a very solid play, F Polo arrived to halftime with an advantage of 4 goals over its oppenents. Pablo Jauretche scored for Power Infraestructure to close the gap, but then appeared Cali Farinati and Sebastian Harriott to seal the victory for Fiyaz’s team. Final result 12-8 for F Polo. Tope scorer Sebastian Harriott (5).

Antelope and Composite Works battle it out in the second game of the day looking for a victory and a possible place in the upcoming final. Composite Work started with the right feet thanks to the goals of Dario Musso and Juan Martin Garcia Laborde, but a great third chukker of Antelope with Thibaut Guillemin and Bautista Ortiz de Ubina scoring, tied the teams on 5. The last two chukkers showed good and tactical plays, to end up with a win for Antelope by one goal: 9-8 over Composite Works. Top scorer Dario Musso (5).

The Polo Masters will continue on Tuesday with a double day that will close the qualifying stage of the 10 goals category. Games will be as follows:

10am, Villa A Sesta vs Amanara/Sagax.
11am, Berlin Polo Club vs Antelope.
5.30pm: La Concepción vs Sezz.
6.30pm: VT Wealth Management vs St Tropez Polo Team.

F Polo Team vs Power Infrastructure

Antelope vs Composite Works

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