Wins For Goose Creek And Vista Blue Islanders At IPC Members Ch

IPC-Members-3Goose Creek (Maureen Brennan, Peke Gonzalez, Mariano Gonzalez and Lucas Criado) held Airstream (Peter Orthwein, Guillermo Aguero, Matias Magrini and Stevie Orthwein) scoreless for the first two chukkers but ended up tied at the end of the first half before going on to register an 8-5 win Saturday morning in the 2016 18-goal IPC Members Challenge.
Goose Creek took the early lead on a goal from the field from Mariano Gonzalez. It was the only core of the opening seven-and-half minutes of the game, 1-0. Airstream was shutout for a second consecutive chukker, but Goose Creek managed only a single 60-yard penalty conversion from Mariano Gonzalez, 2-0.
Mariano Gonzalez opened the scoring in the third chukker with another 60-yard penalty shot for a goal, 3-0, when the Airstream offense responded. Stevie Orthwein scored two goals from the field and Matias Magrini added a 60-yard conversion of a Safety that leveled the score at 3-3 as the first half ended.
Airstream took their first lead of the game in the fourth chukker on a 30-yard penalty conversion from Stevie Orthwein, 4-3. Sixteen-year-old Peke Gonzalez scored his first goal of the day to tie it again, 4-4, to end the fourth period of play.
Both defenses were on their respective game throughout the fifth period. Lucas Criado scored the only goal of the period as Goose Creek moved back into the lead, 5-4.
Lucas Criado added two more as the final chukker got underway, 7-4. Magrini countered with a goal for Airstream, 7-5. Peke Gonzalez scored the final goal of the game as Goose Creek rode off with the 8-5 victory.
Vista Blue Islanders 10, Santa Clara 7
Santa Clara (Brad Mallett, Robert Orthwein, Stewart Armstrong and Luis Escobar) received one goal by handicap from the 18-goal Vista Blue Islanders lineup (Scott Swerdlin, Gringo Colombres, Facundo Obregon and Mike Azzaro), and scored the first goal from the field (Brad Mallett) in the opening chukker for an early 2-0 lead. Gringo Colombres answered back with consecutive goals that ended the chukker all even at 2-2.
Former 10-goaler Mike Azzaro added two goals in the second chukker while the Vista Blue Islanders held Santa Clara to a single Robert Orthwein goal. The Vista Blue Islanders took the lead, 4-3, after the first two chukkers.
Third period goals from Azzaro and Facundo Obregon (a 60-yard penalty conversion) extended the Vista blue Islander lead to three goals, 6-3. Mallett scored his second goal of the day to cut the Vista Blue Islanders lead back to two goals, 6-4 to end the first half.
Azzaro added two more goals in the fourth as the Vista Blue Islanders started to run away with the game, 8-4. Mallett countered with a single goal as Santa Clara fell behind by three goals, 8-5.
Great defensive work by both sides kept the scoring to a minimum in the fifth chukker. Azzaro’s sixth goal of the game went unanswered as the Vista Blue Islanders stretched their lead to four goals, 9-5.
Mallett scored the first goal of the final chukker, converting a penalty shot from the 40-yard line, 9-6. Robert Orthwein scored his second goal of the morning in an effort to get his team back into the game, 9-7. Azzaro put an end to the rally, scoring his seventh goal of the day and powering the Vista Blue Islanders to a 10-7 win.

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