Wishing a successful year to our clubs and members!

2016-01-15_02.04.29Wishing a successful year to our clubs and members!

Our goal for this year is to support our clubs in bringing more people into polo to help players and fans find our clubs, season schedules, lessons and tournaments in a simpler way. The Northeastern Circuit is strong, rich in history and tradition, it is important to celebrate the highlights while bringing more people to the sport.

We will specifically utilize the digital world to bridge audiences and new players to the clubs and highlight all the specialties and unique programs each club offers. We will put into practice a combination of newsletters, social media and a web format that will help coordinate the USPA efforts with the club’s. As some of you may know, the USPA is in the process of hiring two individuals to specially work on this agenda. With the limited resources that the clubs have this new addition will certainly help all of us.

January is the time to announce our 2015 Northeast Circuit Sportsmanship Award andCircuit Clint Nangle Equine Welfare Award. The Circuit Awards are historical honors that are presented to USPA Members who demonstrate extraordinary excellence in the field.

The Circuit Sportsmanship Award is presented by the Association to promote good sportsmanship in polo and to recognize those individuals who exemplify this quality. Each Circuit Governor, with the advice and consent of their Lt. Governors, chooses the recipient. In the Northeast we are proud to present this year’s award to Miguel Novillo Astrada who came to play in Greenwich for the first time and showed us his superb sportsmanship and support both on and off the field.

The Circuit Clint Nangle Equine Welfare Award is presented by the Association to a recipient who has demonstrated excellence in equine welfare. We are honored to present Agustin Menta, who grooms for Hilario Ulloa (9), with the 2015 award. Congratulations on a well-deserved recognition.

Please see the Circuit updates and notes below~ I look forward to a great 2016 with you and please contact one of our Lt. Governor or myself if you have any concerns or just want to talk polo.

Leighton S. Jordan
Northeast Circuit Governor
United States Polo Association

The following Lt. Governors have gracefully offered their help to support our Northeastern Circuit:

– Nick Snow, Myopia Polo Club.
– Robert Ceparano, Country Farms Polo Club.
– Jim Rossi, Saratoga Polo Club.
– Sam Ramirez, New York City (Haviland Hollow) Polo Club.
– Bruce Colley, Mashomack Polo Club.
– James DeAngelis, Yale Polo Club.

You may reach them anytime (click on their names to e-mail) to assist in the intra-circuit plans as well as with the communication with the United States Polo Association.

If you haven’t visited the United States Polo Association website lately, we invite you to see the updates and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


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