The Chinese New Year Cup 2017 took place last weekend at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, in Pattaya, Thailand. A total of 4 10-Goal teams took part in the tournament: Axus Polo Team, The Next Level, 22BR/Maple Leaf and Paisano Dragons/La Familia. The competition showcased such players as Pablo Jauretche, Juan Jauretche, Pedro Fernández Llorente and Sebastián Borghi. Mohamed Moiz, La Familia’s patron, champion of the Thai Polo Open in the current season, said present as well.

The title went to The Next Level Polo Team after having achieved 3 wins in a row during the three matchdays that the Cup lasted, including the one against Axus on an intense final which was decided with a golden goal in extra chukker.

The scores during the three matchdays were as follows:
The Next Level 7-5 – 5 22BR
Axus 9 – 5 Paisano Dragons/La Familia

The Next Level 6 – 5 Dragons/La Familia
22BR/Maple Leaf 5.5 – 7 Axus Polo Team

Paisano Dragons/La Familia 4 – 7.5 22BR
TNL 7 – 6 Axus

MVP: Brian Xu (Axus).
BPP: Horacio, owned by Brian Xu, played by Juan Jauretche.

The Next Level: Aron Harilela 1, Germán Suárez 1, Damián Marco 2, Pablo Jauretche 6. Total: 10.
Axus Polo Team: Brian Xu 0, Juan Martín Gallego 2, Diego Gómez 3, Juan Jauretche 5. Total: 10.
22BR/Maple Leaf: Claudia Zeisberger 0, Claude Haberer 0, Adrien Le Gallo 3,Pedro Fernández Llorente 5. Total: 8.
Paisano Dragons/La Familia: Ronnie Lim 0, Dato Mohamed Moiz 1, Sebastián Borghi 5, Nicolás Pieroni 4. Total: 10.

The next tournament to be played at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club will be the 2017 B. Grimm Masters Cup. Soon, all the info in Pololine.

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