Most of the semifinal match ups have been determined after Tuesday matches at Saint Tropez Polo Club.

>Antelope 11 – 7.5 Saint Tropez/Sea Breeze
Both teams were loking for a place in semifinals. Antelope defined the game in third chukker when they scored 5 goals versus only one scored by their opponents.
Score Antelope: (0-1.5) 2-1.5, 4-3.5, 9-4.5, 11-7.5.
Umpire: Alex Roldán.

ERG 6-8 21st Luxury
It was a desicive 15-goal match, as both teams were seeking a place in semis. Italians 21st Luxury took the victory, thanks to a great performance by Silvestre Fanelli. They await their rival in semifinals.

Score 21st Luxury: 1-0, 3-3, 6-4, 7-6, 8-6.

Marquard Media 9-12 Pull Love
Pull Love needed a secure win before considering a penalty shoot out. Nicolas Espain and Agustin Garcia Grossi had a great game. Despite a good performance by Marquard Media, Pull Love claimed the victory.

Wednesday’s games will determine how the tournament continues. The possibilities are the following:

8-10 Goal category:
The winner of the match between Villa a Sesta and Las Plantas will qualify for the semis: VT WEalth MGMT, Cibao La Pampa and Antelope.

12-15 Goal category:
Qualified directly: Antelope and 21st Luxury.
If Chateau D’Aulne/El Milagro beats Antelope, will join the two aforementioned teams, and Pull Love, ERG and Marquard Media will go to penalties on Thursday.
If Antelope win, Chateau D’Aulne / El Milagro will have to go to penalties.

The Polo Masters / Open de Gassin will resume on Wednesday with the last day of qualifiers:
10am, 8-10 goal category: Villa A Sesta vs Las Plantas
11am, 8-10 goal category: Dark Ice vs La Bien Mirada
11am, 12-15 goal category: Antelope vs Chateau D’Aulne/El Milagro
5pm, 8-10 goal category: VT Wealth Management vs Cibao La Pampa

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