Wednesday saw the finals of the “25 One Hundred League” take place at Emsworth Polo Grounds. 25 One hundred derives from each player representing 25% of a team of 4, totalling 100%. Two 10-goal patron leagues played an open and inclusive tournament.

Throughout the competition the club hosted an asado every Thursday evening for all players and their guests.

In the final, AFB claimed the title, beating Yaguara 7.5-7 in an attractive, open game.

Objectives of the League:
-Establish a new player focused format to the game.
-Attract and encourage new fans to the sport.
-Attract existing polo enthusiast to this new format.
-Broaden the appeal of polo through commercial partnerships and corporate events.
-Build a coherent series of bespoke polo events in the heart of polo country.

Yaguara: Poroto Cambiaso 0, Martina Lowe 0, Manuel Guevara 3, Juancho Guevara 5. Total: 8.
AFB: Clive Reid -1, John Gunn 0, Peter Webb 5, Hissam Ali Hyder ‘Namoo’ 6. Total: 10.
Four Quarters Black: Romilla Arber/Emil Arber 0, Manny Arber 0, Sebastian Dawnay 3, Richard Le Poer 6. Total: 9.
Tempest/Comland: James Crossley 0, Edward Morris-Lowe 3, Ryan Pemble 5, Gustav Rausing 1. Total: 9.
Four Quarters Orange: Simon Arber 0, Jonny Good 4, Tom Morley 5, Joe Arber 1. Total: 10.
DJ/Las Aguilas: Michel Granchi 0, David Turner 0, Niall Donnelly 4, Adolfo Casabal 4. Total: 8.

Final scores:
Four Quarters Black 8-4 Tempested/Comland
Four Quarters Orange 6-4 Las Aguilas
Final: AFB 7.5-7 Yaguara

Previous results:
June 1st: Four Quarters Black 4.5-5 AFB
June 7th: Four Quarters Orange 6-4.5 Tempest/Comland
June 14th: Four Quarters Orange 5-4 AFB
June 21st: Yaguara 5.5-2 Tempest/Comland
AFB 10-7.5 DJ/Las Aguilas
June 28th: Tempest/Comland 6.5-7 AFB
June 29th: Four Quarters Orange 7-8.5 Yaguara
Four Quarters Black 6-6.5 DJ/Las Aguilas
July 5th: DJ/Las Aguilas 4.5-3 Tempest/Comland
Yaguara 4.5-5 Four Quarters Black
July 6th: Four Quarters Orange 3-3.5 Four Quarters Black
Yaguara 9-5 DJ/Las Aguilas

Picture Galleries:
25 One Hundred League Finals 1/2
25 One Hundred League Finals 2/2 (by Marcos Cerdeira)
25 One Hundred League Finals: Socials & Prize Giving
25 One Hundred League Finals: Socials & Prize Giving (by Marcos Cerdeira)

25 One Hundred League: Complete fixtures & teams

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