29-goal charity polo match and more action in the Dominican Republic

Copa de Plata – Polo Challenge 2017 


On this past Saturday, February 11th, two teams met in Casa de Campo to play a charity game in aid of Fundación MIR and Hogar del Niño, two local entities that contribute to the development of children in the Dominican Republic.


The first team, Lechuza Caracas, was formed by patron Victor Vargas, Canada’s best player Fred Mannix, and the two La Dolfina record breakers, Juan Martín Nero and David Stirling Jr. On the other side of the pitch, team Casa de Campo, with Julian Mannix, 8-goaler Pancho Bensadon, and the Toccalino brothers who have been stealing the show on many of the Polo Challenge matches; awaited.


It was a friendly match where the players wowed the audience with their remarkable skills on the saddle. A true example of chivalry and sportsmanship, the game finished on a tie, 6-6. Later on, the day was closed by an after polo party, featuring a show by the local band Los Ilegales.


Copa de Plata: 22-goal category 


The second day of the 22-goal Silver Cup of the Polo Challenge 2017 took place, on Thursday 9th at Los Establos and Casa de Campo. Teams Cinque Terre and La Potranca, that have made their debut on this category on this Cup, won against Sebucan HPA and Casa de Campo, respectively on simultaneous matches.


The team of the Italian patron Alessandro Bazzoni was able to keep the lead through all the match against its opponents. However, during the last chukka, both teams got tied and the match had to be defined on overtime, when finally Cinque Terre was able to score the golden goal, for a final score of 10-9. Both Toccalino brothers were the highlighted players of the game.


Meanwhile, in Casa de Campo, the local team faced La Potranca. Even though Ignacio Novillo Astrada got injured on the match, team La Potranca was able to control and surpass Casa de Campo; winning by 11-8. The 22-goal Copa de Plata continues on Friday, February 17th with the following matches: Cinque Terre vs. Lechuza and Casa de Campo vs. Sebucan HPA .


Copa de Plata: 12-goal category 


The first games of the Copa de Plata on the 12-goal category began on Friday 10th. On that day, Pitirri – El Palenque, one of the finalists of the Copa de Bronce, defeated team Casa de Campo. Rufino Bensadon, son of 8-goaler Pancho Bensadon, was the highlighted player once again, proving his career is already terribly promising.


On Saturday 11th, Costasur faced La Patrona and defeated them by 9-8. The 12-goal category continues on Sunday 12th with two simultaneous games on Lechuza Caracas RD and Casa de Campo grounds: Pitirri-El Palenque vs. La Patrona, and Costasur vs. Casa de Campo, respectively.


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