This past weekend, the 94th edition of the FIP Ambassadors’ Cup took place at the Chateau de Courances, in the region of Ile de France, near Paris.
The weekend began at Polo de Paris with the first qualifier matches, but later the action was moved to the Chateau grounds. The Ganay family, the current owners of the castle throughout the last four generations, were the perfect hosts of a wonderful weekend, that not only featured fun and chivalrous polo, but also a lavish gala dinner inside the castle premises.
On Saturday, there was one qualifier match, and then a round-robin series of matches between the remaining teams.

Progression Match Teams Courances Noir vs. Bleu: 2-0,2-1,3-2,7-2
Saturday’s Round Robin :
Jaune vs. Vert: 1-1,3-2
Jaune vs. Rouge: 2-0,4-1
Vert vs. Rouge: 2-0,5-1

Later that day, the gala dinner hosted by the Ganay family took place, a friendly evening where the guests received beautiful gifts from the main sponsor of the tournament, the watchmaker Hysek.

On the following day, Sunday, a new Round Robin kicked off the last day of the 94th FIP Ambassadors Cup, in the Chateau de Courances. Later on, the grand final took place. Team Courances Noir, the favorite of the tournament, beat team Courances Jaune. Moritz Gaedeke, the German FIP Ambassador was the highlighted player throughout the tournament.

Final match Courances Noir vs. Jaune: 0-0,0-1,1-1,4-1

Sunday’s Round Robin:
Rouge v Bleu: 3-0,3-1
Vert v Rouge: 1-0,2-1
Vert v Bleu: 0-3,0-3

In the end, a brass band opened the prize giving ceremony, and all the teams received gifts from the different sponsors. The winning team received two very special gifts, one by Hysek and the other was none other than Casa Fagliano boots for all the team-members. Additionally, President Nicholas Colquhoun-Denvers gave the Ganay family a special souvenir, and Patrick Guerrand-Hermés the iconic French figure, received an honorary FIP trophy on an emotional ceremony.

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