A Letter to the Polo Community from Anto White

Dear Polo Community,
In just 10 weeks time, we have a unique opportunity to showcase Australian polo to the world. The Championships will be held in the beautiful Hawkesbury Basin, with an exciting Australian team competing and 250 wonderful homebred horses on display.
Securing 250 horses for this event is by no means any small feat, however Jim, Pat and I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of players wanting to lend their horses, so thank you for your support.
The next step is to get those horses into work, if not already.
Identifying all those horses which are to be considered for the World Cup will start immediately. Identification will involve hoof branding, photographing and gathering the primary registration details of all horses. This will assist World Cup admin to contact horse owners directly and will be instrumental in the communication with owners going forward referring World Cup events, tickets, insurance and loan agreements.
Grading will take place alongside the registration process. We will be assessing horses from now on. The final grading and pooling of horses will be confirmed in early October once the FIP Horse Master arrives in Australia.
Horse Accommodation
Horses will be placed into 8 evenly ranked pools. All horses will be accommodated at sites between Sydney Polo Club and the neighbouring clubs outlined below.
• Troika
• Arunga
• 7 Ridges Lane
• Killarney
• Sydney Polo Club (2 teams)
• Windsor
• The Pines
Horses will move into these sites from Monday 16th October and grooms accommodation will also be available from this time.
Understandably, event management of 250 horses does require owners to be proactive in ensuring their horses are fit and healthy. Please be aware of strangles, ringworm and other equine diseases. Please monitor the movements of your horses that have been in Queensland &/or Northern NSW.
For those wishing to lend horses that have not already been contacted please contact me on (02) 65461156 or AH (02) 6546 1121 or email anto.white@belltrees.com and additionally, Fiona Turney is on hand to answer any questions you may have. She can be contacted on 0477 775592 or fionaturney@sydneypolo.com
Once again we are most grateful to the Australian polo community for their support, particularly those people lending their horses and venues.
I will keep you posted with regular updates on the road to the World Cup.
For further information on the XI FIP World Polo Championships 2017 visit www.wpcsydney.com

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