On the US Open title and the American Triple Crown: “Honestly, the organization of Valiente deserves it. We are extremely happy with the win. Everybody plays to win and is a big effort. They have been tense days, so to end up winning the US Open and therefore achieveing the Triple Crown with a team that gives me so much, I only have to say thanks and celebrate.”

On the importance of winning the Triple Crown: “Luckily I also won it with Crab Orchard in 2010 so this is my second. This one has a special sensation, as we started this organization from cero. Bob and I have a nice association with the breeding and we had many horses playing this season, in fact one of our clones won the BPP in the US Open final so it was everything perfect to celebrate. I can tell you I´m very happy, this is a tournament dedicated entirely to Sunny Hale.”

On his relationship with Diego Cavanagh: “Diego is my friend. He decided to come over to Cañuelas, he bet for my organization and for a lot of things. I believe he deserved the opportunity to come to the US and play alongside with me. We played together in England and we won the Gold Cup. The year after that, he had an accident, and he was not ready enough to play, he ended up playing but not the way he used to. I´m happy for how he finalized this season, he deserves everything he has and he deserved to have win with the golden goal as well. He won the match in the throw-in, that was very important!.”

On the level of Matias Torres Zavaleta: “I always set up the teams thinking; I analyze who can play me well, who I like as a player. I´ve been watching Matias since some time ago, and when I knew he was a 6-goals in the US, I never doubted in playing with him and Diego. So I´m pleased with his MVP and his win in the US Open, he deserves it.”

On the comeback of Chocolate to the US polo: “;;Firstly, Chocolate is property of Valiente. The generosity is from Valiente, from Bob that lent it to me to play him 4 or 5 years in Argentina. It was time to him to comeback, I have an amount of clones that was overcoming my group of horses, and as it is Bob´s property, it was the perfect moment for Chocolate to comeback to the States and play a couple of years more, as it is not a young horse anymore, he is 14 or 15 years old.”

On the planning of the match in the upcoming Copa de las Naciones: “Jeta (Castagnola) must be more shy because he doesn´t talked to me yet. But Bartolito did; we Exchange some chats. It is going to be an entertaining day. I arrive on Thursday, so we can play only a practice on Friday. Mia and Poroto play in Palermo on Thursday so I will be there with them. I will play with my nephews, it will be fun, plus I play against friends: Mariano Alvarez, Pelon, Jejo… they are all people of La Dolfina. Although everyone wants to win, it will be a great day.”

On the umpireing in the 2017 US season: “In every sport is difficult, because in every sports the referees are questioned. I think they let play a little bit more, and that helped. Personally I think they have to keep on studying how to improve it, beacuse it limits with the danger; they have to learn to measure out that sort of things. I rather play than not, but I always knowing that the limits of a good play are the good umpireings, so it doesn´t turns into a dangerous match.”
On the clones: “;;Well, I won Palermo´s final with 6 clones, I played 6 clones in the final and now goes another.”

On his plans of playing together with Poroto in Argentina: “Of course I will do it, but everything in its momento. I´m getting older and he is growing up. We will combine. I will accompany him in his carreer as far as I think he needs it, I will not rush him at all. I want him to have fun, and I´m sure he will share with me a part of his carreer.”

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