Andrew Swaffield’s Alcedo team met Lila Pearson’s Cowdray Vikings in the Final of the 8 goal Benson Cup played at Cowdray’s Ambersham grounds on Sunday 2nd July.

Andrew’s line-up of Will Harper (0 goals) at 2, Nick Clague (3 goals) at 3 and James Harper (6 goals) at Back faced a Cowdray Vikings side which featured George Pearson (2 goals) joining his mother, Lila, alongside Byron Watson (3 goals) playing at 3 and Ed Hitchman at Back.

A blistering first chukka saw five goals on the scoreboard, the first from Cowdray Vikings, who nonetheless ended the chukka one goal down. A spot penalty for Alcedo in the second chukka enabled them to stay ahead despite a good field goal from Byron Watson for the Vikings. After half time James Harper dominated the match, showing all the strength of his 6 goals. He scored in both the third and fourth chukkas leaving it to son, Wills, to put the final mark on the scoreboard for a winning score of 7-3. Another Sunday and another trophy for a delighted Andrew Swaffield. The Hon Charles Pearson presented the historic cup and prizes.

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Picture credits: Clive Bennett

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